What Does My Room Fund

When My Room began in 1992, the survival rate for children with cancer was 45%. My Room has seen first-hand the impact of our research funding, the survival rates for children with cancer, and the quality of life for those who survive and move into adulthood, are vastly enhanced when patients have access to clinical trials and new treatments.

Over 90 cents out of every dollar raised by My Room goes directly towards conducting medical research and providing quality patient care. Remaining costs go towards organising and paying for fundraising activities, and part-time bookkeeping fees.

Key areas of distribution include:

Research Grants

Research holds the key to improving treatments and finding preventable causes of childhood cancer. Valuable donations have helped fund research on therapies for childhood rhabdoid tumours, identification of genetic factors that predispose children to cancer, vaccine development to treat chemotherapy-resistant cancer, development of a tumour bank, molecular diagnostic testing, and research to improve the psychosocial outcomes for children who have had cancer, and to understand the genetic basis of chemotherapy-induced heart disease.

Medical Equipment

The right cutting edge equipment can make life more comfortable for a child who is undergoing cancer treatment.

Valuable contributions from our donors have helped My Room fund equipment such as:

An interactive portable 3D pain distraction system. This is an exciting virtual reality technology for patients to immerse themselves in sensory experiences and fantasy adventures. This helps reduce stress, anxiety and trauma for the child and their family, enabling clinicians to administer intensive treatments, including chemotherapy, more efficiently.

A interactive touchscreen educational whiteboard. This is used to facilitate interactive learning connectedness with home schools and communities, as well as provide vital distraction and entertainment for adolescent and young adult patients.

The direct purchase of at-home IV pumps. It gives selected patients undergoing chemotherapy the ability to have treatment in the comfort of their own home. This would result in fewer patients being admitted to a hospital ward or as outpatients, in a more relaxed setting for them and their families. My Room has contributed over $28,000 to purchase IV pumps to assist with this trial.

Family Care and Support

My Room understands first hand the enormous financial and emotional pressure a cancer diagnosis of a child can have on families.

My Room provides funding to families with essential needs such as home medical equipment and comfort aids, accommodation and transport for hospital visits, home improvements for wheelchair accessibility, funeral expenses and many others. Once accessed, My Room pays the supplier directly and delivers to the child and family quickly.

How Funding Is Distribted

All funding applications for clinical trial grants, clinical care and research are submitted to the Children Cancer Foundation (CCF) Grants Committee on behalf of the Boards of My Room and the CCF. Recommendations are submitted for consideration to the Boards of My Room and the CCF.

Dr Keith Waters, a retired Senior Paediatric Oncologist at the Royal Children’s Hospital chairs the Committee, which comprises of specialists from global paediatric and oncology fields, as well as representatives from the CCF and My Room. Successful applications are granted staged funding according to an agreed plan. The Committee is required to report annually on the progress of grants, and specific KPIs.

Application For Funding

For more information on the Foundation’s Funding Policy and an overview of the Application Process, email here.

Research, Equipment and Family Care & Support